About the environment is it sustainable?

PEQ is a unique organization with a clear mission at a critical time. There is widespread scientific consensus that human patterns of impacting the environment are not sustainable. The means exist for addressing these challenges. Awakened by a renewed sense of spirituality in nature, people of faith can play a decisive role in encouraging individuals, institutions and our leaders to integrate these habits of sustainability into our daily lives, our economic practices and our government’s policies. This is the vision behind PEQ. We make that vision real by engaging people of faith, spiritually, educationally and concretely, in the basis for earth stewardship and environmental justice.

PEQ helps houses of worship become models of sustainable living. We help houses of worship practice wise energy choice and conservation, water conservation, waste reduction, responsible procurement, and organize them to stand against the disproportionate impact of environmental degradation on the poor. As you navigate this web site, you will find further descriptions of PEQ’s work. I hope you will renew your commitment and become actively involved with PEQ in building a sustainable future. Join us and support us as we build a culture that loves the earth and recognizes the natural world as a sacred place that invites people of all faith traditions and spiritual backgrounds into the transformative power of God.