Information about Partners for Environmental Quality

Partners for Environmental Quality (PEQ) is a New Jersey's interfaith environmental coalition, working to educate, motivate and mobilize faith-based institutions and people of faith to become leaders in the development of an environmentally just and sustainable society. PEQ encourage people to create a sustainable energy future for homes of worship.

PEQ helps individuals and houses of worship save energy, resulting in lower energy use, costs and greenhouse gas emissions by offering renewable energy, solar panel and wind energy consultation. PEQ is a unique organization with a clear mission at a critical time. There is widespread scientific consensus that human patterns of impacting the environment are not sustainable. The means exist for addressing these challenges. Awakened by a renewed sense of spirituality in nature, people of faith can play a decisive role in encouraging individuals, institutions and our leaders to integrate these habits of sustainability into our daily lives, our economic practices and our government ' s policies.

This is the vision behind PEQ. They make that vision real by engaging people of faith, spiritually, educationally and concretely, in the basis for earth stewardship and environmental justice. PEQ helps houses of worship become models of sustainable living. They help houses of worship practice wise energy choice and conservation, water conservation, waste reduction, responsible procurement, and organize them to stand against the disproportionate impact of environmental degradation on the poor.

Environmental justice campaigns address a range of issues united by a common theme: those who are poor or marginalized politically and economically within society suffer most from environmental degradation. PEQ staff connects people of faith and religious leaders with ongoing campaigns for environmental justice in New Jersey .

Specifically, who is Partners for Environmental Equality?

PEQ, is an interfaith environmental coalition which seeks to educate, advocate and mobilize the New Jersey faith community on behalf of environmental stewardship and justice. PEQ is a registered not-for-profit 501(C)3 corporation in New Jersey and is governed by a board of trustees.

What is our History?

Founded following the 1992 UN Earth Summit and incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with an interfaith board, PEQ helps congregations address earth stewardship and environmental justice in their worship, education, outreach and facilities management.

Why Steward Energy?
Stewarding Energy, Saving Money, Protecting the Earth Energy costs are a substantial, fixed monthly expense. After personnel expenses, energy costs are the largest fixed cost of most religious institutions. Stewarding energy means saving hard-earned institutional resources! Making your energy supplier accountable by comparing their prices with their competitiors. Electric can make your bill cheaper as well as make the supply of energy more competitive and cheaper in the long run. Energy use creates the largest environmental impact of most houses of worship, contributing to air pollution, global climate change, and other environmental problems. Stewarding energy means protecting the Earth! By conserving energy, the average house of worship can cut energy costs by at least 20% with retrofits that pay for themselves within five years. Stewarding energy means saving money and protecting the environment-a winning combination!


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